Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Customers Appreciate our Efforts

Customer & Industry Contact Manager Karen Kucharczyk received the following letter form a customer who wanted to express her appreciation for service above and beyond the call of duty:

Good morning Ms. Kucharczyk,                             

I just had to write you today to let you know what a great employee you have in Janice Gray.                

I work for the largest union in the state, AFSCME Council 4. Two weeks ago I did a very large mailing; over 440 pieces and each piece cost $4.90 in postage, totaling over $2,156.00.  Two days after this mailing went out, they started coming back with a hand-written message “USPS Flat Rate Env. Rate CB Price ONLY” written on one of the eight pieces that was returned that Friday.  After making calls and talking to a man at Pitney Bowes, I was told that even though I had the right dollar amount, I ran the postage incorrectly as it was supposed to reflect language about “ComBas Rate”.  Needless to say, I was sick at the thought that most or all of these packets would be returned.  Not only was time-sensitive material enclosed, it would cost the union another $2,156 to re-mail them and another 2 days of work to prepare them again.

I phoned your post office and spoke to Janice.  She saved my sanity and probably my job!  She had me scan a copy of what the large envelopes look like, then she sent an email along with the scanned copy of the envelope to all the post offices throughout the state asking the head postmasters to forward these envelopes on to the addressees even though the “ComBas” language was not printed on the envelopes.

I was on vacation all last week but constantly worried about the returned mailing.  When I got into work this morning and immediately asked my co-worker how many in total we got back last week, she told me that beside the 8 I received on that Friday, she only got 2 more back.  Ms. Kucharczyk, I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate what Janice did for me.  Too often in this day and age we find employees that only do what they need to do to get by.  It is so refreshing to see such a conscientious, dedicated employee with work ethics that stretch far beyond most.  I could not let this go without letting Janice’s supervisor know what she has done for me.


Barbara Williams
AFSCME Council 4

When Customer & Industry Contact Manager Karen Kucharczyk thanked the customer for her kind words, she got the following response:
Ms. Kucharczyk,

Thanks for your reply assuring me you received my e-mail.  I’ve always held a high opinion of the Postal Service being amazed at how quickly those thousands/millions of pieces of mail reach their intended destination every day.  And after doing business with Janice, I see now why it runs so smoothly.

-Barbara Williams

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Son Credits Norwich Carrier With Saving Dad's Life

Walter Fleming
On Saturday July 7, 2012, with temperatures in the 90s and oppressive humidity, Walter Fleming was delivering his park and loop route in Norwich CT.

When he arrived at a customer's home on Washington Street, he
noticed that the mail had not been picked up the previous day.

The 92 year old resident of Norwich, a retired newspaper delivery man, had asked Walter to please check on him if he failed to pick up his mail every day.

Walter, remembering this, went to the door of his apartment in this multi-family dwelling. When the customer didn't answer, Walter checked the door which was unlocked. He entered and found his customer curled on the floor in the fetal position, cold to the touch and barely alive. Walter immediately called 911 and waited for the first responders to get to the scene.

During the rest of the day he attempted to get in contact with the landlord to obtain a phone number for the customer's son. He accomplished this and then notified the son that his father had been rushed to Backus Hospital.

It was the son, not Walter that alerted USPS management of Walter's deed. He insists that had it not been for Walter being alert to his customers his father would not be alive today.

Walter's route runs across from the hospital, and on Monday during his lunch, Walter stopped in to see his customer and was elated to see his improvement. Walter is a humble hero, and an asset to the Norwich Post Office.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Stamford Connecticut Student Deliver a Postitive Message - "Wee" Love the U.S. Postal Service

St. Cecelia's students enjoy the Wee Deliver program.
Saint Cecilia Elementary School began participating in the Wee Deliver program in 1994, and has kept the program running every year since then.  Wee Deliver is a school-wide postal program designed to allow students in all grades (pre-K - 5th) to send and receive mail with teachers, classmates, parents and school staff.  

This unique program supported by the Springdale Post Office in Stamford CT, encourages children to write letters and to learn how the postal system works.

Wee Deliver is a student-run activity.  Fourth and Fifth graders are eligible to be postal workers, while children in all grades are encouraged to send mail. 

Saint Cecilia's has 4 sessions of Wee Deliver each year to accommodate the over 50 students that participate in the program as postal workers. Postmaster Andrea Dallas assists in deciding on creative contests and special mail days to encourage the students to write letters.  

Supermom Megan Janik has coordinated the Wee Deliver program for the last 10 years. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

CFC Director Thanks Postal Employees for Their Generosity

In an email to CTV District Manager Kimberly J. Peters RI and SEMA CFC Director Elizabeth J. Comeau wrote:

"I ended my day late yesterday afternoon speaking with some CFC colleagues about our 2011 campaigns, specifically the USPS participation in the 2011 Combined Federal Campaign.

And, I knew I wanted to begin my day by sending this e-mail to you – mostly to, again, extend to you my most heartfelt thanks for your support of the RI and SEMA CFC.

First and foremost, know that like me, all of my colleagues have the USPS family in our thoughts and prayers given the current circumstances, uncertainties and this unsettled economic environment.
Secondly, I must share with you that I continue to be humbled and in awe of the continuing support of this campaign by USPS employees.  Despite the challenges they face, they have not forgotten that there are others whose situations are far more challenging – the countless people served by our CFC-participating charitable organizations.

I’m sure you’ve seen the numbers…

USPS employees in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts contributed almost $275,000 to the 2011 Campaign.  Their rate of employee participation is greater than that of the campaign’s overall rate of participation – AMAZING. 

I know, too, that it is because of YOU, your support, that we were able to achieve these extraordinary results!  Few USPS campaigns across the country were able to achieve (and/or maintain) their records of giving like our USPS Campaign was able to do.

I will look forward to working with you again in 2012, and I know that, with your support (and with the team we have put in place), we will continue to help those who
need our help and are counting on us. 

Again, thank you so VERY MUCH and may GOD BLESS YOU for your charitable spirit."

Best regards,


Elizabeth J. Comeau
CFC Director
RI and SEMA Combined Federal Campaign

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Helping Businesses Do More Business...

That was the theme of the Fairfield County CT Postal Customer Council Spring Mailing Expo that took place on March 7th at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield CT.

Fairfield County Postal Customer Council learns
about mailing opportunities at a local Mailing Expo.
Attendees of the Mailing Expo gained valuable information from USPS experts that will help them save money and grow business through the mail.Topics included - Non Profit Mailing, Mail Piece Design, Every Door Direct Mail and the 2012 Rate Case. The event also provided an opportunity for business mailers to network with local postal officials while enjoying a great breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere.
The FCCPCC, headed by Industry Co-Chair Art Gerckens, Mail Center Manager Sacred Heart University and Postal Co-Chair Andrea Dallas, Postmaster Stamford, is dedicated to innovation and education.
Businesses interested in learning about the latest USPS products, services and technologies can become members of the FCCPCC by contacting Lisa Landone Customer Relations Coordinator at

Friday, March 23, 2012

Wilbraham MA Employees Receive Special Honors

Wilbraham Letter Carriers Remo "Rey" Lalli, a 37-year postal veteran and Eric Sutter, a 32-year postal veteran were recently honored with service pins at the Wibraham Post Office. 

Sutter also received a million mile award. A professional driver must have driven for either 30 years or a million miles without a preventable motor vehicle accident to be honored with a million mile award.

Sutter shares a photo of the type of truck he drove when he first joined the Postal Service.